Trying Something New- Cellphone to the Rescue of Global Educatonal Initiative!

It is easy to bemoan what we do not have while right within our reach is something that can be used as an alternative. For more than 5 years I have wondered at how we in the West can “touch flesh” with our junior ones in schools in Africa. How can we deploy the advantages of new technologies all around us?

You can imagine my frustration….! Years and years of searching for the right video program for a synchronous interaction. Years and years of point bank failure – especially in Nigeria. The web just does not work! Somebody put it this way, “When you type, it is so slow that you go out and get yourself a loaf of bread., by the time you come back, “YA” will appear. You go back and get yourself the egg, tea and milk to support the loaf of bread, then the “HOO” will appear; finally, you go back and fried the egg and by the time you finish frying the egg and eating a good breakfast, the “.COM” will appear.

Video? Forget about it,it does not exist for most: Except on CELLPHONES!

CELLPHONES! Cellphones have revolutionised the way A

frica lives and works. See the Video from Kenya below:

The simple question is this… Can we deploy this powerful toolin Education? My thoughts are very simple… take the old correspondence education and bring it into a new age… Send Pre recorded video to Students who will play it on their widely available computer and then get on the Cell phone to speak with a mentor Facilitator about the episode that they have watched.

This is a bold experiment… We are not afraid to fail. But what if we succeed? What if students actually learn better? What if their comprehension of subject matter increases? What if their teachers are encouraged? What if there is more appreciation of the subject matter becomes better?

WHAT IF? We are trying to find this out with the following Partners:

i. Hope Orphanage Lagos, Nigeria

ii. Concerned Christian Community of Monrovia Liberia

ii. Muyoya Orphanage in Silwezi Zambia

iv. Methodist High School in Ilesa Nigeria.

v. Bomi Community College, Monrovia, Liberia

Good  People,Pray for us!

Dr. Ajiboye, Bellevue WA

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